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Your home is a haven and creating an inviting, welcoming space begins with your lifestyle. To establish a well-thought-out design that reflects your values and accommodates your needs, focus on how each room functions for the way you live.

Start with purpose
Give each area of your home a purpose. Planning a specific function and feel for every room simplifies the design process and helps you make furnishing decisions based on the setting you want to create: a formal dining room for entertaining, a casual entertainment space for teens, a relaxed living room for the entire family to gather, or anything in between.

Consider atmosphere
Light wall and ceiling colors make rooms appear more open and airy; dark hues minimize space. Mirrors add the feeling of depth, and unique design elements like art or lighting add interest and mood. Create texture and comfort with rich leather, quality fabrics, plush area rugs, or cozy throw blankets. To make rooms appear larger, select full-size furniture for dimension and balance.

Get creative with your space
If your home has an extra room with a fireplace or an unused bedroom, take the opportunity to maximize your square footage with something unexpected. Transform that additional room into a cozy and intimate dining space by the fire, or build your ideal home office for a dedicated space to work out ideas and accomplish your goals.

Similarly, a beautifully vaulted great room can become the ideal canvas for a mixed-use space that fits your family’s needs. Establish one part of the room as your living room, and set up an entertainment center or dining area in another section.

Often overlooked parts of your home are also filled with potential. Stairways can be so much more than functional—highlight the architectural features of a staircase by creating a reading nook or custom built-in storage beneath the stairs.

If you love to entertain, convert a deck, patio, or porch into an outdoor space where you can gather with family and friends throughout the year. Outdoor space offers the feeling of additional square footage and can be transformed into a place to dine or relax with comfortable, stylish furniture designed for outdoor living. With a little creativity, you can transform your space into a home you love. Our design specialists can assist you make every room in your home a comfortable, inviting reflection of your lifestyle—contact us today to get started.

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