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Celebrating America’s Furniture Heritage


At Hafers Home Furnishings, we’re committed to the finest quality furniture. We’re proud to support the American companies designing furniture built to last for your home and your family.

Based in Monroe, Michigan for over 85 years, La-Z-Boy has a rich history of providing American-made furniture, beginning with the world’s first recliner in 1928. From luxury lift power recliners to reclining sofas and couches, La-Z-Boy offers high quality comfort for every room in your home.

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Sleek and Stylish Power Motion Furniture


Today’s power motion furniture designs are the perfect blend of function and luxury. With styles ranging from traditional and classic to contemporary and modern, the new wave of power motion recliners, loveseats, sofas, and sectionals are comfortable and functional, making motion furniture a perfect choice for any room in your home.

Design details
With stylish design elements such as square button tufting, nailhead trim, sleek top-grain leathers, and premium fabrics, many motion pieces offer a high end look paired with the latest in comfort technology. Whether you’re relaxing with a good book or watching the big game, supportive and plush cushions provide exceptional comfort as you glide from upright to fully reclined with the touch of a button.

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Home Design Trends for 2018


Planning to refresh your home in 2018? If you’re thinking about remodeling, making significant design changes, or adding some fresh new details to your home decor, keep these design trends in mind.

Statement Making Colors
Incorporating rich colors throughout your home adds intensity, interest, and an instant focal point. Bold, intense colors such as deep ultra violet (Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year), dramatic teal blue, or warm gold will make your furniture and accessories pop, especially when paired with metallic accents.

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Make the Most of Your Home


Your home is a haven and creating an inviting, welcoming space begins with your lifestyle. To establish a well-thought-out design that reflects your values and accommodates your needs, focus on how each room functions for the way you live.

Start with purpose
Give each area of your home a purpose. Planning a specific function and feel for every room simplifies the design process and helps you make furnishing decisions based on the setting you want to create: a formal dining room for entertaining, a casual entertainment space for teens, a relaxed living room for the entire family to gather, or anything in between.

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Space Planning for Your Home

Home Space Planning

Whether you’re ready to move into a new home or refreshing your current home, space planning is an important part of the design process. Your home is more than just a place you live. Your home reflects your lifestyle and a well-designed area begins with defining how you use each space.

Do you host a weekly book club or is your home the gathering space for the neighborhood teens? Do you have a haven for holiday celebrations or a place to host out-of-town guests? Thinking through how you use your home from day-to-day and throughout the year will help you identify any design challenges in your current space and create solutions to best use the area you have.

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Furnish Your Home for Fall


The kids are back to school, football season is here, and holiday gatherings are just a few weeks away. Our furnishing ideas will guide you as you reset your home with a fresh new look for the season.

Living Room Lounging
Ease into cooler autumn days with a cozy sofa where your family can lounge and relax. A high-quality leather or upholstered sofa with strong seat support and comfortable cushions becomes the focal point of your living room. Quality fabrics come in unlimited colors and patterns, offering your furniture a soft and warm finish. For a rich appearance, durable top-grain leathers come in a variety of colors to complement your decor.

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Back to School: Create a Study Space for Your Child


Back to school means it’s time to rethink the study area. If you want to encourage your children to enjoy reading and their studies, give them a desk and chair of their very own in the bedroom. A study space that’s just their size offers them a comfortable and functional space to thrive.

Think Space
Before you select a desk for their bedroom or designated study area, consider the space available to be sure the desk and accessories are the right size. Replacing an existing desk for something more functional? Measure its dimensions first to help you narrow your search to a new desk that will closely match its size.

If you’re transforming a bedroom into a combined sleep and study area, measure the space you have available, and take into account additional space for a bookcase or desk hutch for extra storage. To free up floor space, bunk beds with a built-in study area and shelving can help your kids stay organized and clutter-free.

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How to Choose Quality Furniture


If you’re in the process of choosing new furniture for your home, you’ll want to go beyond appearance. Quality goes much deeper than external characteristics—what lies inside determines the real quality of your new sofa or hardwood dresser. Our tips on choosing quality furniture will help you find pieces built to last.

Wood Furniture
When it comes to solid hardwood furniture like an entertainment center or dining set, pay attention to the construction. Joint construction is the main characteristic of quality wood furniture, so check for dovetail joints, reinforcing corner blocks, and wooden dowels or screws.

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How to Choose the Perfect Recliner for Him


There’s nothing Dad loves more than kicking back in a comfortable chair on a Sunday afternoon or at the end of a long day. Finding a recliner that’s a good fit for him and his lounging needs is simple with our tips.

Think Comfort
When it comes to recliners, comfort is key. You’ll want to select a recliner that offers total body and lumbar support, with a headrest that will cushion his head and neck. Look for a chair with a deep comfortable seat and plush cushioned back, and test the footrest to make sure that it’s comfortable and easy to adjust when he puts his feet up.

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Interior Design Trends for the Winter Season

Interior Design Trends for the Winter Season

With autumn in full swing, interior design trends are bound to be very dramatic and textural, with much having to do with the drizzly atmosphere. From all-white to warm metallic textures, here are arguably the most noticeable to consider for updating your home for the new season.

Dark and Dramatic

One of the most trending this winter season is the go even darker and more dramatic. dark, dramatic spaces. If it seems too bold of a choice for the living room, there is another way to enjoy this trend. Rich, deep colors and tactile, sumptuous fabrics with the addition of soft, ambient lighting can be just the right choice to update your bedroom. As long as you think through your layered lighting for a room, a dark scheme is not necessarily too dark; it's powerful and packs a visual punch.

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